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In January 2007, I finally found relief from years of asthma, allergies, breathing limitations, stress, tiredness, and Rx drugs not working. I also discovered generally improved health and a healthier outlook on life. All thanks to the acupuncture treatments and Chinese medicine that I received from Norman Kraft. I arrive at my appointments a very tired, stressed, sometimes asthma challenged person and an hour later, I'm not the same person who walked into his office. I can breath, I am relaxed, I'm happy, focused and can take on the challenges presented to me with a clear mind, a positive attitude and a happy heart.

My Western doctors were at their wits end with my multiple issues and were increasing the Rx drugs in attempts to address the symptoms but they weren't working. I coordinated with them and advised that I was interested in acupuncture treatments and they all supported me. That was impressive in itself. Today, I only see my GP once a year for an annual and Norman keeps me on track, in focus, breathing, energized and productive the rest of the year.

After each and every appointment, my husband and I are amazed with the results of the treatments. My husband sees and hears in me a happy, less stressed and smiling partner. I trust Norman and know he will only do what's best for me and my well being for today and into my future. He takes the time to listen, then explains clearly what he is doing to assist me through his treatments every step of the way.

Norman Kraft is a gifted, knowledgeable, licensed and kind practitioner of Chinese treatments and acupuncture and has made a drastic difference in my life using this much healthier and proven method.

Nora E.


I first tried Norman's acupuncture treatments for stubborn daily headaches which no medication or other alternative treatments had helped. I began to feel relief from the very first session and continued to improve weekly until the headaches were gone! The trigger point in the back of my neck was re-trained and gradually became less hypersensitive to the things which made it cause headaches, and I rarely get them now.

Concurrently we began working with Chinese herbs to strengthen my system. After several months I was finally free of a tenacious recurring cold which had plagued me sporadically for years. Unlike antibiotics, one's system is nourished and strengthened by the herbs, which are easy to take and reasonably priced.

Lorraine V.


I had been suffering from extremely painful menstrual periods for several years. Sometimes the pain was so severe during some of my periods that I had to miss work. My menstrual cycle was also irregular and made planning any events difficult. My GYN recommended birth control pills to regulate the cycle and the pain. At my age I did not feel this was a healthy option. I began to research alternative medicine and found acupuncturist Norman Kraft.

Along with regular acupuncture sessions,Norman recommended a change of diet, supplements and prescribed Chinese herbs.After the first month of following this regimen the pain decreased by half. Three months later, my cycle is almost regular and hardly any pain. I now have the energy to do yoga and walk a mile a day. I highly recommend acupuncture and herbs for any woman who i suffering from menstrual disorders!

Thank you!

Regina D.

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